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How does digital advertising help build brand equity?

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Results across 32 cross-media campaigns from 28 leading brands in Europe reveal that ads on Meta technologies drive brand equity across the whole marketing funnel at efficient cost, across a number of metrics from brand awareness to brand favourability and purchase action.

Brand building is critical to the long term success of business performance. With 67% of marketing spend being spent in digital media according to GroupM and 72% of media time of consumers being spent in digital according to the Global Web Index, the question of how brands can leverage the potential of digital media for brand building has become an important one.

Key findings:

Meta builds brands: Ads on Meta technologies drove brand equity across the whole marketing funnel at efficient cost. Technologies of Meta drove brand desirability with an average lift of 3.1 percentage points on brand favorability and a 5.1 percentage point lift on purchase action according to results by GfK.

Meta allows marketers to build brand equity efficiently: Upper funnel brand impact (ad recall, brand awareness) was achieved at 30%-56% of TV costs according to analysis by AudienceProject.

Combining TV and Meta technologies can drive higher impact: Synergies between TV and Meta technologies proved to be highly effective. Adding Facebook and Instagram to TV campaigns more than doubled the impact on purchase action according to analysis by GfK.

Both TV and digital media channels were found to be effective in building brand equity.


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