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As an esteemed online marketing agency with multiple accolades, we specialize in driving leads. Our digitally driven tactics and SEO-focused web design guarantee that your business shines brightly, capturing attention and generating top-tier leads. Count on us to elevate your presence and bring forth valuable prospects that set you apart.

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At Media Boss, we harness an exceptional blend of data-driven insights, technical expertise, and artistic innovation to shape and revolutionize your business’s online identity. Our unwavering commitment to grasping your enterprise, target audience, and goals enables us to provide tailor-made, informed strategies that consistently deliver remarkable outcomes. Experience our unparalleled approach, where each endeavor brings optimal results, time after time.

Interested in how our digital marketing and web design services can help you attract and convert more leads? Let’s talk.

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Media Boss - Digitl Marketing Agency?

Our bespoke, data-driven digital marketing and web design services are proven  to drive traffic, maximise ROI, and generate sales and leads.

We don’t just claim to be great digital marketers – we have the accreditations and certifications to prove it! We’re a longstanding Google Partner, triple certified by some of the world’s leading online platforms, and proud Data & Marketing Association (DMA) members, positioning us firmly amongst the world’s top digital marketing specialists. Still need convincing? Read on to learn more about the hundreds of businesses we’ve helped grow – or rather, Media Boss! Sold? Great! Let’s chat. Book a free digital marketing consultation with one of our online marketing specialists.

What we do:


Get ready to stand out, leave a lasting impact, and watch your brand come to life like never before

web design

We’ll sculpt an immersive online experience that seamlessly blends creativity with functionality, ensuring your brand’s story is told beautifully and your customers are engaged at every click. 


Stand out in search and achieve measurable growth


Reach and engage with your target audiences across any social platform

paid ads

Maximise ROI with cutting-edge PPC advertising campaigns


 We’ll capture the essence of your brand in every frame, creating visuals that breathe life into your story and leave an indelible mark.

We’ll help you with:

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok advertising


Video editing

Audit & Consultations


Full Account Management

photo / Video shooting

SMM strategy

Team Members Results

Epoxy boss:
SMM / ADS / Branding / website / Seo

5 month of work
⁃ Invested in ADS - 11,700$
⁃ The average cost per a lead -$6.80
⁃ Number of leads - 1 720
⁃ New subscribers - 1 400
⁃ Number of new posts - 216

Le cocon: SMM

⁃ Branding for content
⁃ Content Creation for a month
⁃ Video Creation / Reels
⁃ Number of new posts - 60
- Numbers of new stories - 180

Nurse Yulia:

⁃ Invested in ADS - $2,500
⁃ The average cost per a lead -$2.3
⁃ Number of leads - 1,086
⁃ New subscribers - 1 680
⁃ Number of new posts - 220

Cleaning bee:
Branding / SMM / ADS / website /

- Website Development
⁃ Invested in ADS - $3,400
⁃ The average cost per a lead -$1.8
⁃ Number of leads - 1,890

Liam walsh - Photographer Website / smm / ads

⁃ Branding for content
⁃ Website Development
- Invested in Ads - $5,800
- Leads Generated - 1,784

Sauna Wagon - Website Development / smm / ads

⁃ Branding
⁃ Website Development
- Invested in Ads - $1,800
- Leads Generated - 740

our experience

$300,000 +

Ads budget spend

450 000+

Followers we gave to our clients


Years in business

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important q&a

Our goal is to provide our clients with the maximum possible result according to their budget. In any case, we are 100% sure that you will get positive results, so don’t worry! In case of unsatisfactory results, we will give you a good discount on the next working month.

Of course, and not only reports. Each of our clients has a personal account, where there are detailed reports on both advertising and account management in social networks + all ads photo and video materials, useful information and a loyalty program.

In most cases yes, but sometimes we get requests just to run ads with client`s creatives. In this case, we don’t make creatives, take the client`s.

Yes, we have the opportunity to sign contracts with companies located in Canada and work transparently.

Of course! We have a photographer and content maker in Toronto, GTA, Simcoe County, York Region, Peel Region

You can write to any of our clients and ask them about our integrity and attitude to work

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