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Reeling in more members using a new Facebook account strategy

Crafting an Effective Facebook Account Strategy: Innovatively Create Compelling Ad Creatives That Expertly Showcase Your Products and Convey Value Propositions

Wild Alaskan Company: Reeling in more members using a new Facebook account strategy

The seafood membership service ran Facebook and Instagram video ads in a campaign to boost membership sales, and saw a 4.5X increase in the number of purchases

🐟 THE STORY: Alaskan seafood membership program

Wild Alaskan Company, founded by a third-generation fisherman, is a digital fishmonger committed to top seafood quality and sustainability. They use their Alaskan seafood expertise and a custom ecommerce platform to serve US members with Wild Salmon, Wild Whitefish, or Wild Combo Boxes, along with seasonal specials.

📌THE GOAL : Increasing the member base
Wild Alaskan Company wanted to reach more seafood lovers, acquire net new members and increase its membership base in a more efficient way.

💡THE SOLUTION: Testing new account setups
Wild Alaskan Company streamlined its Facebook ad strategy by reducing ad sets from over 15 to just three. They also implemented bid caps to optimize member acquisition and collaborated with Ready Set to create compelling ad creatives showcasing their products and value propositions, all featuring a call-to-action button linking to their website.

💵 THE RESULTS: Hooking more sales
Wild Alaskan determined the results of its January 28–February 28, 2021 campaign using a Facebook Facebook Power Lift Study and a channel lift study (which measured the impact of traffic coming to its website from other media channels), revealing:

▪️2.5X incremental lift in purchases (Facebook Power Lift Study)
▪️4.5X increase in total number of purchases, compared to previous time period
▪️20% decrease in cost per purchase, compared to previous time period
▪️1.5X incremental lift in branded search visitors (Facebook Power Lift Study)

“Facebook has been a phenomenal partner in expanding our reach and helping to scale Wild Alaskan. We’re grateful to be able to spread our mission of accelerating humanity's transition to sustainable food systems by putting the highest quality seafood into the hands—and at the doorstep—of a national membership base.”

Arron Kallenberg, Founder & CEO, Wild Alaskan Company


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